Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fashion Flashback: Alfred Hitchock's Vertigo

Anouck Lepere in Dizzying Whites - photographed by Raymond Meier for Vogue May 2002
I'm applying to school again and was writing an essay about how I came to love fashion, and something that popped into my mind was how much I love the merging of fashion and cinema.  I'm a huge fan of classics -- I love the works of Billy Wilder, Alfred Hitchock and George Roy Hill, to name a few.

In doing research for my essay, visions of an old editorial I saw in Vogue popped into my head.  It really encapsulated how much I love the old influencing the new.  This particular editorial featured Belgian model Anouck Lepere and was inspired by Hitchock's Vertigo.  I was so glad I was able to find the scans online.  The editorial is beautiful and rather haunting, much like the film.  The films costumes were designed by the legendary Edith Head.  On a side note, great illustrations of some of Edith's work can be found here.

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