Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Style Inspiration: Emma Stone for Vanity Fair

Emma Stone photographed on St. Barth's for Vanity Fair by Patrick Demarchelier
The Look
Rouge lips
Perfect waves
Bright polka dots, stripes or patterns

Emma Stone is almost unrecognizable on the cover of the August issue of Vanity Fair, but I have to say I am really loving the way they styled her, with the tousled blonde hair and retro Marc by Marc Jacobs two-piece.  Can't wait to see the rest of the photos from the shoot!

Her look is definitely reminiscent of beach Bettys of the past.  Esquire has a great article about the history of the bikini, its origins tracing back to a statue of Venus in 100 A.D.  French automobile engineer Louis Reard was the first to officially introduce the bikini (how one goes from the engineering profession to creating skimpy swimwear is beyond me -- but it happened!).  He promoted his creation as "smaller than the world's smallest bathing suit."
"A bikini is not a bikini unless it can be pulled through a wedding ring." - Louis Reard
 Clockwise from L: Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner, models in Australia in the '50s, Natalie Wood, Sandra Dee, Veronica Lake, Brigitte Bardot, Esther Williams, Grace Kelly

Photo Source: Some images were pulled from this fantastic blog

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