Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fashion Flashback: Color Blocking

Flight attendants in color block uniforms, cir. 1960

The color blocking trend is back, and is so very mod.  I love this look -- it's fun, vibrant and undeniably retro.  When I think of color blocking, I tend to think of flight attendants from the '60s, who rocked everything from short skirts to hotpants (something you most certainly wouldn't see today!).  They even sometimes looked to be channeling Jane Jetson.

Designers like Andre Courreges, Oleg Cassini and Emilio Pucci paved the way for bright and fun colorblock dresses in the swingin' 60s.  It wasn't an unusual thing for a designer to be commissioned to design uniforms for flight attendants.  Cassini and Pucci can be credited with putting flight attendants in the color block minidresses and go-go boots.  It's too bad air travel isn't as whimsical and colorful today.

Photo Sources: Belle Du Jour, Goldmine Trash, How to Be a Retronaut, The Swinging Sixties

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