Friday, August 12, 2011

Music: I Thought About You

"I took a trip on a train, and I thought about you..."

This song has been covered by many artists, from Frank Sinatra to Miles Davis to Ella Fitzgerald, but I'd have to say my favorite version is Mildred Bailey's.  Her collaboration with Benny Goodman was the only version to make the charts, reaching #17 in 1940.

The song was composed in 1939 by Jimmy Heusen, with lyrics by the famous songwriter, lyricist and composer Johnny Mercer (fun fact: he co-founded Capitol Records).  Mercer found inspiration for the words during a particularly restless train ride from Denver to Chicago.

From Jazz Standards:
Unable to sleep, Mercer found inspiration for the song from the train trip, seeing the little towns, the moon and landscape along the way. Mercer admitted his writing style was to paint pictures with lyrics, to “transport people to someplace they don’t know.”
It's a song definitely worth listening to and sharing, so if you haven't heard this version before -- enjoy.

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