Thursday, October 20, 2011

Design Inspiration: Wolf's Lair

The famed Wolf's Lair, which is said to have formerly been occupied by such people as the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Marlon Brando

I recently was thinking about one of my first visits to Los Angeles, which feels like forever ago.  My dad and I went out there to spend time with my brother, who had recently relocated.  One of my fondest memories from the trip was encountering Wolf's Lair as we were exploring Beachwood Canyon.  Wolf's Lair is a sprawling property nestled in the Hills under the Hollywood sign and was built by real estate developer L. Milton Wolf in the 1920s.  The stunning, castle-like home is complete with turrets, a secret passage and a '20s speakeasy.  As we were walking toward the sign, we saw someone at the door of the home delivering a package from Lionsgate Entertainment (I would later read that Lionsgate music exec Jay Faires lived there at the time).  It seemed so typical Hollywood to a small town girl like myself.

Last year I read that Faires was selling the home, and musician Moby purchased it for $4 million and restored it for $2 million.

From the New York Times:
"I basically went through the house and found all the original details from the ’20s and tried to renovate the house around all the original architectural elements,” he says, which meant getting rid of “everything from 1945 on."
It's intriguing to me that people actually live like this, in these amazing homes rich with history.

Top - Wolf's Lair in 1958; Bottom - Undated photos

 Overlooking Lake Hollywood
Moby said he instantly fell in love with the "crazy shining castle"

 The guest house, designed by John Lautner in 1961
 The area between the main house and guest house
 A view from the deck

 It was said that the turret housed one of Wolf's pet monkeys in the '20s.

Photo Sources: The New York Times, History Los Angeles, Curbed LA, Joe Darrel,

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  1. Very much enjoy your blog, we both have an appreciation for taking vintage references. Great architectural post the home is amazing, living there must be a dream. kisses mini lemon.


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