Friday, October 14, 2011

Through the Lens: Dogs who Love Music

Marianne Faithfull and school friends listen to records with family dog Sara Bingley, 1964

It has been a very long week at work, words cannot express how glad I am that it's Friday!  I found these fantastic pictures on LIFE of dogs who love music.  I love dogs and I love music, so it's a win.  It's worth sharing to add levity to the day.

English contralto Clara Butt and her dog, 1930

Peggy Lee and her husband David Barbour work on music in the yard with the collie, 1948

A dog chilling at a concert in London

Dog is not so impressed by his master's musical skills, 1929

Singer/actor Paul Robeson and a dog listening to records, 1925

Conductor Karl Bohn and dog, 1970

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