Monday, December 5, 2011

Music: Nick Waterhouse

So Retro: Nick Waterhouse.  Photo by Nick Walker

There is a vintage appeal to San Francisco-based musician Nick Waterhouse: just looking at him you can see the influence.  But listen to his music and you'll find that it's more than just a look; he crafts some pretty catchy tunes that hearken back to an earlier time, but there is a modernity quality to it.

Waterhouse grew up in Huntington Beach and attended school in San Francisco.  While there, his musical education was shaped at a hole-in-the-wall record store, Rooky Ricardo's, where he listened to 45s of R&B greats.
People often ask him about the artists and bands he likes, but he'd rather just listen to 45 after inspiring 45. For Waterhouse, it's not about fostering some sort of amazing career, it's the search for the single perfect song. "I'll find a record that will blow my brain out, and then find out that person only put out two singles," he says, almost as if he wouldn't mind being one of those folks. "I just want to make great records." (Source)
He told that he's inspired by, "Folks without postmodern worries: crazy record men and disenfranchised church-trained singers and R&B delusionals."

I stumbled upon his music through the Twitter feed of singer Kate Earl, who is also a talented musician and appears in his music video as his sultry love interest. So far he has only released an EP (digitally...and on vinyl, of course), but I'll be keeping an eye out on what's next for him.

Photo Source:
LA Weekly

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