Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In My Life: New Year, New Hair?

My very long hair, once upon a time.

Last year I hacked off quite a bit of my very long hair (as evidenced above) in favor of a short, sassy bob.  My hair is now at that awkward length where it is neither long or short, my sideswept bangs are growing out and I'm desperate need of a trim or cut of some kind.  I actually like short hair very much, but also like the various options you have with longer hair (personal beauty tip: a straightening iron is a great way to achieve romantic, wavy hair like Lily Aldridge's).

Here are my top styles to potentially try -- and for every "new" style, an old version of it!



Photo Sources:
yummy obsessions
a fresh vintage
I'm Not Patty


  1. I like all those cuts, at cut my hair too last year and I'm waiting for it to grow up again. I always do that...

    Like the second cut very much!


    Lily from http://secretsofa-girl.blogspot.com/

  2. I like the elegant an edgy look. Get the short hair out of your system before growing it out!


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