Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fashion Flashback: Peggy Lipton & The Beatles

Peggy Lipton with Paul McCartney, pre-Mod Squad fame, wearing a pink silk skirt and her mother's Emilio Pucci checkered jersey top.

Actress, model and singer Peggy Lipton was best known for her role as Julie in 1968's The Mod Squad, and later in her career, as Norma on Twin Peaks.  She was also once married to music mogul Quincy Jones and has two daughters, Rashida and Kidada Jones.  The Mod Squad was her breakthrough, but she began her career as a model at Ford.

I love the photo of Lipton and Paul McCartney seen above, especially the story she wrote about the encounter in her book, Breathing Out, in which she describes meeting the Fab Four at a party:
The Fab Four under a tree. They looked cute. Just like the photos I had strewn across the walls of my bedroom. But I knew they weren't the cuddly mop tops they were pretending to be. You knew that when you got up close. John's twisted smile, for one thing, suggested a lot of strange thoughts could be going on in his head. Ringo, sporting a huge grin, seemed utterly bemused and nonchalant about it all. George was wiry and agile, adjusting his body to shake as many of the little hands as he could. I watched Paul. It felt like he was doing a sort of music-hall soft shoe routine for the crowd.

He was being a showman, a carny, the nice one who could engage the multitudes. I didn't know if I'd be able to talk when my turn came. What was there to say? My mind went completely blank. Okay, so John greeted me first, then George took my hand. I hardly remember them. Paul was the one I was watching and my heart was pounding too loud, sounding like thunder in my ears. "Look, Peggy," I said, trying to get a grip on myself. "He's being really sweet with these kids." I was admiring that while he was looking down and patting them on the head. All of a sudden I felt him looking at me and it was a totally different look. It was filled with promise and sexuality and I was stunned.

"Hello," I said, and he shook my hand and looked at me. 
"My god, you're beautiful," he said.
"You're not so bad yourself," I replied, like an idiot. A year in the planning and that was all I could come up with? My knees under the pink silk skirt buckled. I was madly in love with Paul McCartney, or should I say even more madly in love-knowing full well that disaster lay ahead. How could it be otherwise? Every woman wanted Paul. (Source)
I find Lipton to be naturally beautiful and talented, and I sometimes look to her effortless style in the '60s and '70s for fashion inspiration.

Photo Sources:
Beatle Photo Blog

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