Sunday, January 22, 2012

Style Inspiration: Annie Monroe & Anna Karina

Annie Monroe photographed by James D. Kelly.

Over the weekend, I saw a commercial for the Sony Alpha Nex-5N camera starring The Like's Annie Monroe, who never ceases to amaze with her retro attire and Anna Karina haircut.  She often looks like she's stepped off the set of a French New Wave film.  Where does she get her wardrobe?

Monroe is a keyboardist for The Like (a band known for their retro sensibility), as well as an actress and model.  Karina, born Hanne Karin Blarke Bayer, is a Danish actress best known for her work as the muse of Jean Luc-Godard.  She began her career as a model and explained in an interview with Colin MacCabe of her humble beginnings and the rather interesting story of how she got her stage name:
So I did these pictures and I said, "Can I get my money?" and the lady said, "No, we have to release the pictures in the papers before you get paid." And I said, "Well that's terrible." She said, "Well, we'll give you some pictures to show and we'll give you some addresses to go and see some people." So I went to see Le Journal Elle.  You've heard about that? And Madame Lazares was there with another lady called Coco Chanel and Coco Chanel said, "Who are you?" and I said, "I'm just me - I'm called Anne Karine" She said, "Well - you wanna be an actress?" I said, "Yes" and she said, "You're gonna call yourself Anna Karina." (Source)

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