Thursday, March 1, 2012

Through the Lens: Sons of the Beatles

Dhani Harrison and fiancee Solveig Karadottir, photographed by David Mushegain for Russh Magazine.

I'm a huge Beatles fan and can't help but notice the parallels and uncanny resemblances between two of the band members and their sons: George and Dhani Harrison and John and Sean Lennon.  I know for certain I'm not the only one who sees this.

Both Dhani and Sean are musicians (I've been fortunate enough to see Dhani's band, thenewno2 live) and have been featured in fashion editorials that are undoubtedly quite retro.  I was inspired to write this post after I found an old magazine from 2008 with an editorial featuring Dhani and model Sasha Pivovarova, photographed by Steven Meisel, aptly titled "Here Comes the Son."

Incidentally, Dhani got engaged last month to his longtime girlfriend, Solveig Karadottir, a psychologist and former model, and in other recent and rather amusing news, Sean was quoted at his mother's 79th birthday party professing his gratitude to an unlikely style icon:  "I want to thank Michelle Obama for my style. Michelle has been my inspiration. I am studying her oeuvre. Her oeuvre is fascinating." (Source)

George Harrison and Pattie Boyd are so sixties, and Dhani and Sasha are a luxe bohemian dream.

Sean Lennon and girlfriend/muse/bandmate Charlotte Kemp Muhl imitate John and Yoko's
famous 1981 Rolling Stone cover for Purple Magazine.

He was my best friend in the whole world." - Dhani of his father
"The most important thing in my father's life?  World peace.  Me and my brother.  My mom." - Sean of his father

"We've broken down a few barriers between us, which we had to do because we had
two big egos. Two individual artists - and with love we overcame that." - John on Yoko

"It's nice to have a partner who's not just a romantic partner, but who's 

[also] your life partner, your creative partner." - Sean on Charlotte

George and first wife Pattie, Dhani and his fiancee, Solveig Karadottir for Russh Magazine.

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  1. Wow! What was once old is new again, huh?

    You have a really nice blog Old/New. Please check out mine when you have the chance - www.comicbookandmoviereviews.

    I have a Beatles section, plus feel free to connect to my site via Google Friend Connect, to attract more visitors.

    I'll be back.

  2. I'm sorry,but I can't listen to or look at Sean without crying.All I see is John.All I hear is John.Yoko be damned.Sean is the print of his father.

  3. Julian Lennon looks more like his father than Sean

    1. youre right. sean has his fathers beard, that's about it. that photo copying rolling stone is really lame.

    2. Yes Julian resembles John more than Sean does ♡.


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