Friday, March 23, 2012

Style Inspiration: Laura Ramsey in "The Jet Set"

Laura Ramsey as Joy, in "The Jet Set"

After an excruciatingly long hiatus, Mad Men finally makes its return on Sunday.  I have to say, in the spirit of this return, as well as the gorgeous warm and sunny weather I've had the pleasure of enjoying these past few days, I'd like to reminisce about one of my favorite episodes (if only for the fashion alone), The Jet Set.  Don and Pete fly out to Los Angeles and Don goes A.W.O.L. to take a sudden trip to Palm Springs with the mysterious and free-spirited Joy, played by Ramsey.

I was completely in love with the unusually cut bathing suit, which is a rather modest two-piece that looks to be inspired by a peacock.  The rest of Joy's looks convey a cool and chic SoCal vibe, but with the utmost elegance.  There weren't many wardrobe changes for Joy, but each one was a head-turner.  Costume designer Janie Bryant, does an amazing job.  Hands down, this episode was a top Mad Men fashion moment.

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  1. I agree about this episode. Was mesmerized by Joy...


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