Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Music: Diane Birch

Soulful singer-songwriter Diane Birch with '60s-style lashes.

When I first heard twenty-nine year old singer-songwriter Diane Birch, her soulful sound and style immediately reminded me of Tapestry-era Carole King.  Birch was discovered by Prince playing the piano at the Polo Lounge in Los Angeles in 2006.  Loving her music and her look, which are both very '60s and '70s inspired (the Jane Birkin haircut!).  She currently has two albums, her 2009 debut Bible Belt and a covers album, The Velveteen Age.  Despite the soul and blues-influences of her music, Birch grew up listening to the Cure, Bauhaus and the Sisters of Mercy, which she gravitated to as a rebellion against her strict religious upbringing.

Here's a fantastic live performance of her song "Nothing but a Miracle," featuring the one and only Daryl Hall.

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