Monday, October 8, 2012

Style Inspiration: Mad Hatters

The talented and stylish singer Diane Birch, who has a penchant for vintage hats.

It was in the 40s this morning, a sign that fall is on the way, which means busting out the gear: boots, coats, scarves...and one I have always shied away from -- hats!

I've never been one to wear hats because they don't really fit me, which makes me wonder if I just happen to have an oversized head or something unfortunate like that (baseball caps, forget about it!).  I do happen to big a big fan of berets, and there is the more masculine look I've taken a liking to that I may venture to try, as worn by Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, or singer Lykke Li.

Here's some old and new inspiration -- I'm looking forward to my first fall in NYC (well, my first fall, period).

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