Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Design Inspiration: "The Great Gatsby" Collection at Brooks Brothers

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby in a Brooks Brothers suit.

I feel like everywhere I turn, there's a trailer or signage of some kind for the upcoming The Great Gatsby movie.  Just the other week I was at the Plaza Hotel and they had film collateral and a special F. Scott Fitzgerald tea menu at the Palm Court.  Gatsby costume and production designer Catherine Martin has even designed a Fitzgerald Suite for the hotel, which opens in May.

 The Plaza, as featured in the film.

It's true, I've been anticipating its release since all the buzz started about it -- and who knows if it'll be good or not, but either way I believe it will be a visual spectacle and I'm excited to see all the costumes.  Yesterday I walked by a Brooks Brothers store window and was taken by its gorgeous Gatsby-themed displays, all tailored linen suits and wingtip shoes.

Interestingly enough, Fitzgerald wore Brooks Brothers throughout his life, so the collaboration is an instance of life imitating art.  Explains Martin of the partnership:
"All of the partnerships we have in the film come out of the story -- all come out of references and associations Fitzgerald had during his lifetime.  What was really interesting about Brooks Brothers for me was that they were actually the purveyor of Fitzgerald's clothes, and he in fact had a lengthy correspondence during his lifetime with Brooks Brothers.  It was a fantastic link between the book itself and a purveyor of men's clothes that still existed to this day.

I was very lucky with Brooks Brothers to be able to collaborate with them.  What they allowed me to do was design not only the principle costumes, but also all of the background menswear and to draw on their archive and the historical truth of everything Brooks Brothers made."

Who doesn't love a snappy dresser?  Shop the collection here and watch a great behind-the-scenes feature from GQ.

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