Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Design Inspiration: Warby Parker's 1922 Collection

The models wear Warby Parker Porter glasses in Whiskey Tortoise from the new 1922 collection.

Today marks the launch of Warby Parker's new line of limited edition 1920s-inspired eyewear, aptly called the 1922 Collection -- 1922 being a notable year for arts, music, fashion and culture.  James Joyce's seminal work Ulysses was published, as well as F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tales of the Jazz Age.  Jazz music gained momentum.  The flapper of all flappers Clara Bow made her film debut in Beyond the Rainbow.  Everyone was doing the Charleston.

Joplin in Gold and Silver
Porter in Gimlet Tortoise and Whiskey Tortoise

What I like about Warby Parkers is that though the design is often inspired by things of the past, they maintain a modernity (I previously wrote about their '50s and '60s-inspired sunwear here).  I can only venture to guess they're named after ragtime pianist Scott Joplin, prolific songwriter Cole Porter and jazz legend Duke Ellington.  The 1922 Collection is described as being one that translates "interwar glamour into a wearable future."  These swell shades couldn't come soon enough for the release of The Great Gatsby in May and the Governor's Island Jazz Age Lawn Party in June and August -- but I'm sure these timeless looks will have a classic appeal for many years to follow.  Nab them at a WP showroom, or on the site.

 Duke in Gold and Silver
Joplin in Gold and Silver
Porter in Gimlet Tortoise and Whiskey Tortoise

Photo Source:
Warby Parker

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