Thursday, June 6, 2013

Through the Lens: Remembering Esther Williams

Glamorous MGM star Esther Williams died today at the age of 91.

MGM starlet, swimming champ and swimsuit designer Esther Williams died today in her sleep at the age of 91.  I remember watching her movies as a kid -- she was so lovely as Gene Kelly's feisty love interest in Take Me Out to the Ball Game, which was actually one of the films that didn't revolve around swimming.  She often showcased not only her beauty, but also athleticism, in a majority of her films (the term was coined the "aqua musical").

As evidence of Williams' stardom at the time -- from the New York Times:
At a time when most movies cost less than $2 million, MGM built Ms. Williams a $250,000 swimming pool on Stage 30. It had underwater windows, colored fountains and hydraulic lifts, and it was usually stocked with a dozen bathing beauties.
She aspired to be an Olympian, but her dreams were dashed when the 1940 Olympics was canceled because of the start of World War II. Her legacy lives on in her many films, from Bathing Beauty to Neptune's Daughter.

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