Thursday, January 2, 2014

In My Life: Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve dinner at the Smith, NYC: Clearly enraptured by the festive balloons.

It's unbelievable that another year has whizzed by.  I think it's easy to forget or overlook the things you've accomplished -- I find it hard to believe that August 2013 marked one year since I moved to NYC!  So take a moment to remember all of the things you accomplished in 2013, no matter how great or small -- cheers to an even better 2014.

A few ongoing goals:
1. Speak a second language fluently - continue with my language classes
2. Travel - top of the list would be Peru, Paris or Iceland
3. Have patience - this applies to numerous areas of my life!
4. Exercise  - is it bad my fit inspiration is Britney circa MTV VMAs 2001?  Is it bad that this is so specific?
5. Live in the same place as my boyfriend!  - long distance is for the birds
6. Make more music  - work up the nerve to go to a songwriting circle

There's always more, but this is something I always try to remind myself of, and will continue to do so:

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