Friday, February 28, 2014

Music: Nick Waterhouse at Bowery Ballroom

Nick Waterhouse and his band bring rhythm and soul to the Bowery Ballroom.

Last night Nick Waterhouse played the Bowery Ballroom and as to be expected, it was a tight set. I've written a number of times about Nick; he's one of my favorite artists lately. He's touring to promote his new album Holly, which will be released on March 4. 

He describes it as a concept album about a fictional character named Holly, who is an amalgamation of women he's met, particularly around his native Los Angeles. He compares the record to being his Madame Bovary or Mulholland Drive.
I'm looking forward to people's interpretations. It's a work of fiction so it's silly when people are like "Who is Holly?" because it's not exactly an allegory. It's a character. Her details are out of sequence, but that's intentionally so. Then there's also just the atmosphere of the album. When I first started reading Raymond Chandler I just wanted to wallow around in his atmosphere. I didn't like the guns or any of that stuff. It was more just his descriptions like the details in the room, or the soft rain on the foothills that I enjoyed. (Source)
You can stream the full album here. I'm glad he's recorded a studio version of "Sleeping Pills," and I also love the jazzy vibes of "Dead Room."

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