Monday, June 30, 2014

Fashion Flashback: Unconventional Brides

The long and short of it: Olivia Palermo in Carolina Herrera. The groom wears a bespoke tailored Marc Anthony Hamburg suit.

Style sites were abuzz this weekend with news of Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl's nuptials, with most of the excited chatter surrounding Olivia's rather unconventional choice of wedding attire: a cashmere sweater, white shorts and a tulle skirt (all by Carolina Herrera). Which got me thinking: which other brides have gone down the same unconventional route? Here are some of my favorite trailblazers from the past:

Bianca Jagger in a YSL Le Smoking jacket and veiled hat, with Mick Jagger, 1971.

Mia Farrow in a pale minidress with boxy jacket in 1966.

Pattie Boyd wears a Mary Quant red silk dress, pointy red shoes and a Mary Quant red fox-fur coat, 1966.

Sharon Tate in a puff-sleeved minidress of her own design for her 1968 wedding to Roman Polanski.

Loulou de la Falaise dressed as a sixteenth-century maharaja in her 1977 marriage to  Thadée Klossowski de Rola.

Jane Birkin with a flower crown in a bohemian crochet dress, with Serge Gainsbourg,

Lauren Bacall kept it classy and simple at a farm house wedding in Ohio, 1945.

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