Thursday, February 25, 2016

Style Inspiration: Lola Kirke

Lola Kirke in Chloe. Photo by Robert Maxwell for W Magazine.

I recently watched Noah Baumbach's Mistress America and was so charmed by Lola Kirke's performance that I had to see what all the buzz was about Mozart in the Jungle, and so far I'm loving it. Clever writing, stellar cast and such a fresh way of creating drama and humor around the world of classical music.

"Lola’s a strange combination of innocence and worldliness. That conflict is great to watch." - Jason Schwartzman, co-creator Mozart in the Jungle

At 25, Lola is one of those burgeoning actresses who inevitably end up in those "One to Watch" sections of magazines (or blogs -- ahem, as the case may be). But I think she has a sort of gift for comedy and an on-screen charisma to back it up, though her first big break was actually a small dramatic role in Gone Girl.

 Kirke and her older sisters Jemima and Domino.

She has an unfussy natural beauty and style that could probably be credited to her stylish mom Lorraine, owner of the West Village vintage shop Geminola. In terms of her current go-to fashion looks at the moment, she says she wears a lot of vintage and, "I love Wendy Nichol, but I can’t really wear that every day because it’s all leather. But German house sandals and leather jackets—those are things that I like."

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