Monday, February 8, 2016

Through the Lens: Alexa Chung + The Deep End Club

Alexa Chung, the modern day flower child in a t-shirt by The Deep End Club.

I first heard of Tennessee Thomas when she was the drummer for the Los Angeles band The Like. She's popped up in numerous magazines, music videos, TV and films since then -- a small part as a drummer in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, a drummer in the star-studded Jenny Lewis music video for Just One of the Guys, a drummer on an episode of Elvis Costello's Spectacle (ok, one guess as to what instrument she played in The Like).

Tennessee Thomas and Alexa Chung - the pals are clearly a sixties throwback.

She's also a store owner, to a highly curated, sixties-inspired boutique in the East Village called The Deep End Club -- the kind of place she describes as not only a shop, but a community and clubhouse. It's the type of place where you can learn how to make flower crowns but also join like-minded people for a Bernie Sanders trivia night.
"I want it to be a place where music, art, and design converge – a place to give exposure to the artists in our community, which I’m the most passionate about." 
I've actually been to an event at the Deep End Club and saw such a who's who of cool kids -- including Alexa Chung herself -- that the insecure high schooler was re-awakened in me and I wanted to turn and flee in the other direction (but not before buying the kind of awesome gems the store stocks, like a vintage paperback of A Hard Day's Night or one of those L'ecole Des Femmes oui t-shirts).

It seems apropos that Tennessee would have a fashion collection of her own that will launch this New York Fashion Week with support from her best bud Alexa, who appeared in the lookbook wearing the kind of threads that have Marianne Faithfull written all over it

L-R: Marianne Faithfull; Pattie Boyd; models in the 1960s; Francoise Hardy; Jane Birkin; Jean Shrimpton

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