Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Through the Lens: Dakota Johnson in The Edit

Dakota Johnson wears a dress by House of Holland and a hat by Gucci. Photo by Laurie Bartley.

Is it just me, or is Dakota Johnson giving off major Faye Dunaway-as-Bonnie Parker vibes (this keeps coming up! Also previously referenced here)? What I'm really loving about this look is the 1970s-inspired prints with this 1930s style -- a great fashion crossover.

You probably live under a rock if you don't already know the basics about Dakota Johnson -- daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, star of Fifty Shades of Grey. She also has a comedy coming out this month with Rebel Wilson and Leslie Mann, How to Be Single. I actually think she has rather good comedic timing based on some interviews I've seen (and even in certain parts of Fifty Shades she seems downright amused by the dialogue...who can blame her).

“In real life, I feel like [Dakota] would eat Christian Grey. She would suspend him from the ceiling and smack him open like a piƱata.” - Co-star Leslie Mann

If you feel like seeing more of her work in the meantime, check out Sam Boyd's short film In a Relationship. You can read her full interview with The Edit here.

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