Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Through the Lens: Z Berg x Christy Dawn

Cherry Blossom Girls: Christy Dawn Petersen and Z Berg, photographed by James Branaman.

Z Berg checks off all the main criteria for me when it comes to lady crushes - talented singer-songwriter, impeccable style, cheeky, abnormally bendy (see: her at home yoga posts on Instagram).
Her collaboration with eco-friendly, Cali-based clothing brand Christy Dawn is nothing short of a bohemian dream, which has Z and pals Langley Fox Hemingway and owner Christy Dawn Petersen herself on a Big Sur road trip. Z and Christy initially met through Christy's husband, a musician working with Z's record producer father, Tony Berg. “We became friends and Z said to me, ‘Hey, you want to make some cool shit? A dress and maybe a jumper?’” 

And thus, this beautiful clothing collaboration has come to be in some magical Los Angeles way.

“Z really likes to wear short sexy dresses onstage and I’m the opposite, so the pieces reflect both our tastes."

Check out this fashion video for Z's collaboration with the brand, set to the song "Cooler" by her band Phases. It's seriously making me miss my own Big Sur road trip from last fall.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Through the Lens: Gigi Hadid + Zayn Malik in Naples

La Dolce Vita: Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid bring real-life romance to Naples. Photo by Mario Testino.

Gigi Hadid is one of those faces you not only see everywhere, but a name you hear continually whether you know about her or care about her or not. Completely unavoidable. I know the basics about Gigi, but admittedly even less about Zayn Malik. What I do know is that their photo shoot in Naples with Mario Testino for Vogue is a beautiful throwback to the glam of 1960s Italy (La Dolce Vita! Roman Holiday! 8 1/2!).

He's all Marcello Mastroianni in his perfectly fitted suits and she's all Monica Vitti in her hourglass silhouettes and gingham and tartan.

 Here's an inspiration board of 1960s Italian bombshells that may have inspired Gigi's looks for this retro editorial.

 (L-R) Monica Vitti; Sophia Loren; Gina Lollobrigida; Virna Lisi

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Style Inspiration: Hailey Gates

Hailey Gates, host of Viceland's new series "States of Undress."

Hailey Gates is a woman who wears many hats -- formerly the director of advertising at The Paris Review, currently a model, an actress, a writer/producer and most recently, the host of Viceland's new series States of Undress. And here I am, wondering how I'm going to manage to get to yoga class after work...

The 26 year-old California native also has a very distinct style and look, which the fashion world has obviously taken note of -- she's been in numerous campaigns for brands like Derek Lam, Miu Miu and Wren. It would only make sense that she should host a show about fashion, but it's not what you might expect -- States of Undress has Hailey traveling to the far reaches of Pakistan, Congo and Russia, to name a few, exploring global fashion.
"The point of this show is to use fashion as an entry point to talk about identity issues and politics and sort of underreported cultural phenomenon and to be able to show both the light and the dark of these things."
You can watch the full first episode of States of Undress here.

Here are some of my fave Hailey street style looks -- it's very sexy, yet demure in a vaguely French way, with all of the bows, braids and ruffles.

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